Munsey Garden in 2019-2020

At the end of 2017-18, Munsey Elementary applied for and was selected out of over 200 applicants to receive a grant of $1,200 from the California Fertilizer Foundations to fund fertilizer for the Munsey Garden.  So, last year at Munsey Elementary, our wonderful Mrs. Flesche and many students at our school, worked in many different ways to make our Munsey Garden a success! 
Students from most of the grades at our school did everything from cleaning and restructuring the garden, to prepping beds and building trellises, to measuring out all combinations of fertilizer ratios for the planting beds, to measuring, recording and comparing the growth of vegetables in each box, to harvesting and consuming the fruits of their labors!  It was an exciting year in our beautiful garden!
We have once again received grant monies and the 3rd graders who were 2nd graders last year will have their turn to learn about fertilizer combinations and ratios and how these affect the growth of vegetables. It will be an exciting year and the students in the 3rd grade and the Munsey Garden Club are looking forward to the work and the learning to come!  Make sure to come by and see the work in progress!