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End of November - The Munsey Garden Club harvested all of the wonderful vegetables they'd grown through the fall!  Aren't the vegetables beautiful?!  Then our wonderful cafeteria staff prepared the food and served it to the students in the 3rd grade level, since they had been so involved in the different fertilization combinations and the growth measurement of all of the vegetables.  Guess which box won for overall growth.....two boxes won.... the organic fertilizer box and the box with all three (phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium) fertilizers!!
October though the end of November-Each 3rd grade class was diligent about going out to the garden to measure and record the growth the vegetables made in their assigned box!
Late September-In this phase we started to utilize the monies we received from The California Fertilizer Foundations.  To provide students with the learning experience of just how important fertilizer is to plant growth Mrs. Flesche, the Lead Gardner, designed an experiment that would use the 6 garden boxes.  Box one had only phosphorus, box 2 only nitrogen, box 3 had only potassium, box 4 had organic feritlizer, box 5 had all 3 (phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium), and box 6 had no fertilizer added. The Munsey Garden Club sorted, measured, weighed an spread the specific formulas for each box. Shortly after, the vegetables were planted!
Mrs. Flesche went to each 3rd grade classroom and did a presentation on the three types of fertilizer added to the garden boxes and the process that was used to make sure the correct amounts were used. 
Early September-After a good deal of work from the Boy Scouts and the Munsey Garden Club, we have planting beds prepped and ready for planting.  We also have our jasmine trellises made and up and our beautiful S.T.E.A.M. posters made by B.C.S.D.'s Duplicating Dept. Beautiful!
August-At the end of last year, Munsey Elementary was selected out of over 200 applicants to receive a grant of $1,200 from the California Fertilizer Foundations to fund fertilizer for the Munsey Garden, this year.  So, a local chapter of the Boy Scouts of America and our Munsey Garden Club has already been hard at work clearing out the old plants from last year and emptying the garden boxes.  This year, 3rd grade will be experimenting with different fertilizer ratios to see how plant growth responds.  It will be an exciting year and the students in the 3rd grade and the Munsey Garden Club are looking forward to the work and the learning to come!  Make sure to come by and see the work in progress!